Here are some of the most common questions answered. Please email us at ghadi@timelessjump.com if you have any further questions

1) Which rope is best to get as a beginner?

There are 2 main recommendations we give to beginners.

Firstly, we generally recommend the signarture beaded rope to beginners. It has the perfect weight and balance to give the user enough resistance and feedback to feel the rope moving around you.  This rope also maintains its shape through the air and doesn't kink which aids learning correct form. It is super durable with shatterproof beads and unbreakable handles. It is a rope that will also stay with you to advanced stages making it a rope for life! For freestyle jumping and tricks, there is no better rope to learn and start you jump rope journey with.  

Alternatively if you are mainly focused on an all round fitness rope, the Classic is a great option. It is slightly more affordable and still has the same unbreakable handles but with a 5mm PVC cord with a string core. This still gives great feedback but cuts through the air more making it faster. This makes this rope more conducive for speed work and double unders for increased intensity. Overall a good all round fitness rope and if you're into speedy footwork variations.

Many people get both and use them to compliment different skills. For example learning tricks and freestyle with the beaded and speed/DUs/footwork with the PVC.

Also check out our product for a summary of all our ropes!

2) Which jump rope is right for me?

Please refer to our Jump Rope Product Guide which should help you choose a rope based on your workout objective and budget. 

Email us at ghadi@timelessjump.com if you have any further questions! 

3) Any tips for beginners and how to get started with jump rope and how to care for my rope?

Yes of course! Refer to our instructions and care page.  We provide some basic jump rope form advice as well as best ways to store and care for your rope. 

We also have a blog post here with our top tips for beginners! 

4) How long should my jump rope be?

Good question!  We have made a comprehensive sizing guide here for both general principles. We believe in a progressive shortening approach as you advance in your jump rope journey as shorter ropes aid in both form and execution of skills accurately with less drag and excess resistance. 

5) How do I adjust and change the length of my rope? 

All of the instructions for how to adjust our ropes are on our instructions and care page.  Just scroll down to the relevant rope section!

7) How do I prevent shin splints or other injuries? 

See our blog post here which covers some tips to help with this. 

8) Why should I buy from you?

We are the only canadian company to stock the likes of our unique equipment from the top jumprope manufacturing companies.

We offer the most competitively priced jump ropes and ship from Canada which means there are no hidden taxes or customs charges which are applied to higher value goods from outside the canadian borders. We also have stock availability that covers a wide range of length and weight options which many other stockists lack.

As a jump rope enthusiast, I jump rope regularly and so keep in touch with all the latest products, tips and tricks which I want to pass on to you guys! I also use all the products I sell and so I know how each rope can help for a certain workout objective or experience level. 

We are also a family business that are focused solely on jump ropes designs, equipment and accessories. So we believe that we are one of the only specialist stores in Canada for skipping and jump rope.

When engaging with us and becoming a customer, I am happy to offer advice and tips for free and help you on your jump rope journey and so our jump rope expertise as well as after care support is something that our customers value and we hope you will too.

9) Am I too old to start skipping, any advice?

Our advice on this is generally as follows:

- doctor's note confirming healthy condition to do jump rope (where possible)
- need a thick padded mat to help protect joints and absorb shock
- make sure blood pressure is ok as skipping is quite intense on the upper body
- use well fitted shoes
- jump for no more than 10-15 mins per day and gradually build up to that. 
Many people over 50 do jump but we recommend staying cautious and keep it fairly light. Also see point 9 above preventing injury as reviewing that is also super useful.


10) Where is my order? 

We dispatch orders with the aim of same or next day dispatch. If you ordered tracking, you can see where your order is using the tracking number. Our insured shipping advise to wait 10 working days before declaring items lost. At this point we will send you a replacement item.  At the current time, there are postal delays due to COVID-19 meaning that your order may take longer.  So we ask for patience at this time. See our shipping page here for more information.

11) Are there any promos or discount codes? 

Yes we do offer special discounts at every occasion. These will be on our website banner and announced on social media @Timeless_jump. 


12) Are you going to stock any other products or other jump ropes?

We are always planning on launching new ropes and products. If you have a particular request, please email us at ghadi@timelessjump.com.  If we get a lot of requests for something, we will make that more of a priority. 

Follow us on instagram @Timeless_jump to hear about new releases. 

13) Why don't you have a full range of colours?

We stock colours that fit with with our branding in which the core colours are pink, blue, purple, grey and black.  We are also able to offer the best prices by storing a limited range of colours as this reduces the complexity of our supply chain. We are also aiming to provide a broad spectrum of ropes for all workout objectives before we expand colour ranges too much. This again will allow us to cater for the fitness goals first.