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Sizing Guide

In this guide we'll share with you how to optimize the life & size of your ropes. Thank you for carefully reading the instructions: 
  1. Our ropes are not intended for use on hard flooring such as wood/concrete/tiled/decked surfaces. To maximize the life and performance of your rope, we recommend training on smooth rubber matting or gym flooring.
  2. We advise you not to expose your rope to very cold temperatures or extreme heat
  3. Store ropes in your Timeless Pouch, and always package away from babies and children to avoid any danger
Sizing your jump rope properly is important for having a pleasurable workout experience and improving your skills effectively. In fact, sizing ultimately comes down to your personal preference when flowing. However, we need to keep some principles in mind: if sizing is too short; you risk tripping or hitting your head. If too long, you risk slapping the floor too much which leads to damaging the rope and making technique harder toexecute. So how to choose the right cable length? If you're a beginner, take your height and add 3ft / 92cm. If you're more advanced, add 2ft / 61cm. Then round up or down to the nearest size:

Another way to adjust length is by standing on the center of the rope with one foot and hold the handles against your body pointing them away from you. If you're a beginner, the rope should come up to the bottom of your chest. If you're more intermediate, the rope should come up to your belly button. If you're more advanced, the rope should come up to your hip-level.


Beginner sizing - allows lots of room for error. This is a starting point and all efforts should be made to go shorter. 

Intermediate - allows some room for error and enough to learn skills - this length will improve rope efficiency and speed of flow.

Advanced - allows no margin for error but skills can all be performed with optimum speed & efficiency. (This kind of length is extremely challenging and very few jumpers are at this level.) 

Since all ropes come in 10ft long, we suggest to cut the cable progressively as you get to learn more about your style & improve your skills. This will help you avoid cutting the cable too short, too soon. 

At the end of the day, you have to test and see for yourself which length feels the most comfortable when flowing.

Rope Adjustment videos:

1. Short handle Airborne-1 adjustment guide

2. Long handle Precision adjustment guide

Feel free to contact us at ghadi@timelessjump.com or send a DM on IG if you have any questions concerning this guide.